AWE Tuning SwitchPath Cat-Back Exhaust w/Chrome Silver Tips (BMW F8X M3/M4)

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AWE Tuning made the S55 sound epic with the valves closed and with them open… again! All while remaining emissions compliant. Presenting the second generation of SwitchPath™ Exhaust for the BMW F8X M3 and M4. 

Minimal bends, maximum flow, and push-button attitude. The SwitchPath™ Exhaust is a true catback configuration comprised of 3-inch and 2.5-inch U.S.-sourced T304L stainless steel, a precision x-pipe, and a valved SwitchPath™ muffler tuned specifically for the S55. 

Beginning after the secondary catalysts, the precision X-pipe immediately helps smooth the S55 of its infamous rasp, allowing the tone further refined by the bespoke muffler in the rear. 

The closed valve experience:

When the valves are closed, the SwitchPath™ Exhaust produces a refined, aggressive howl while remaining full-bodied and powerful – no congested, metallic sounds here when on the throttle. At cruising speeds, interior acoustics are close to stock. AWE SwitchPath™ tech also responds perfectly to the many transmission settings and shift points in DCT vehicles. Drop the hammer with the valves closed and SwitchPath™ sings a proper M anthem. If you were to leave the valves closed at all times after equipping SwitchPath™, we wouldn’t blame you — it’s that good… all of the time. 

The opened valve experience:

Open the valves, and the S55’s roar is uncorked. Sport and Sport+  modes achieve the ultimate contrast in behavior compared to comfort driving modes (closed valves). The exhaust note is powerful, clean, and aggressive in Sport mode. In Sport+ mode, the same aggression applies… but with grin-provoking burbles…a lot of grin-provoking burbles. Thanks to the precision X-pipe, the rasp is kept in check while allowing the exhaust note to reach full aggression.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds and want to retain your factory valve behavior all while gaining peace of mind (i.e. emissions compliance), look no further than SwitchPath™.

Product Features

  • 50-state legal catback design: sick sound with all catalysts intact
  • Precision-engineered X-pipe to unlock a clean S55 tone
  • SwitchPath™ utilizes factory valving and retains M-Sport button functionality
  • 3” CNC mandrel-bent catback configuration
  • Max gains of 12 hp and 16 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels
  • Handcrafted from U.S.-sourced .065" wall T304L stainless steel
  • Proudly engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house at AWE
  • No Check Engine Light Guarantee
  • Perfect Fitment Guarantee
  • Featuring the AWE Lifetime Exhaust Warranty


Warranty Varies By Component Type

  • AWE brand exhausts: Tubing, welding, flex areas: Lifetime
  • Valves on exhausts: Three years on mechanical components, one year on valve motors
  • Electronics / Electronic Components found on any product: One year
  • Catalysts: One Year
  • Tip finish defects (please follow washing instructions prior to contacting support): One year 
  • Intakes (all components): One year
  • Filters: One year
  • Intercoolers: One year
  • Other: Foilers, accessories, tools, valances, drive train stabilizers, suspension components: One year
  • Turbo kits/turbochargers: Not covered under warranties, special order item.

AWE Tuning Warranty Information

Fitment Guide

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Fitment Guide
Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2015 2018 BMW 3 Series M3 Sedan L6 3.0 GAS FI T ALL  
2015 2020 BMW 4 Series M4 Coupe L6 3.0 GAS FI T ALL  
2015 2020 BMW 4 Series M4 Convertible L6 3.0 GAS FI T ALL  

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