BMC Replacement Air Filters (BMW F87 M2C, F80 M3, F8X M4, F10 M5, F06/F12/F13 M6)

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The panel / cylindrical air filter is commonly referred to as "replacement air filter". It is installed in the vehicle's original airbox to replace the OEM air filter. It is made of highly performing materials that allow an increased air flow combined with a more efficient filtration, guaranteeing containment of all impurities from as small as 7 microns (compared to OEM's 10 microns).

BMC air filters are produced using a "Full Moulding" system that enables the characteristic red filter to be realized from a single mould with no welded joints thus avoiding easy breakage. The rubber used in BMC air filtering systems has a long life, is very durable and has optimum adhesion characteristics to all shapes of airboxes.

BMC filters are made of a multi-layered cotton gauze soaked with low viscosity oil covered with an epoxy coated alloy mesh to ensure protection from petrol fumes and oxidization due to air humidity.

All BMC air filters are pre-oiled, and they can be washed and regenerated by using the appropriate BMC regeneration kit.


- Why Cotton Air Filters?

OEM air filters are made of paper, and their main function is to protect the engine. These filters feature high resistance to the airflow which, consequently, reduces the pressure and engine performance. BMC’s air filters allow the passage of greater airflow. Moreover, compared to traditional paper filters which must be replaced when carrying out maintenance, BMC filters can be re-used so that they last as long as the vehicle itself.

- Can BMC Filters be re-used? (YES)

The filtering material is a special type of cotton soaked in low-viscosity oil that guarantees high permeability to air but, at the same time, retains the foreign particles. The filter can be washed with water and suitable detergent. Once it is washed, a think coat of oil must be re-applied.

- Will the BMC filter damage my Air Flow Sensor?


However, to avoid any risk whatsoever, you have to be very careful not to use too much oil during the filter regeneration phase (it must not be so much that it starts to drip).

Product Features

  • Multi-layered cotton gauze
  • Can be cleaned and used again
  • High airflow with exceptional filtration
  • Works with original equipment manufacturer vehicle electronics
  • Emissions legal in all 50 US states
  • Will NOT void vehicle warranty


The product is a direct replacement for your factory air filter. Simply remove your factory filter and replace it with the BMC air filter! 


Fitment Guide

Does this fit my vehicle?

Fitment Guide
Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2019 2021 BMW 2 Series M2 Competition Coupe
M2 CS Coupe
L6 3.0 GAS FI T S55  
2015 2018 BMW 3 Series M3 Sedan L6 3.0 GAS FI T S55  
2015 2020 BMW 4 Series M4 Convertible L6 3.0 GAS FI T S55  
2015 2020 BMW 4 Series M4 Coupe
M4 CS Coupe
M4 GTS Coupe
L6 3.0 GAS FI T S55  
2013 2016 BMW 5 Series M5 Sedan V8 4.4 GAS FI T S63  
2012 2018 BMW 6 Series M6 Convertible V8 4.4 GAS FI T S63  
2013 2017 BMW 6 Series M6 Coupe V8 4.4 GAS FI T S63  
2014 2019 BMW 6 Series M6 Gran Coupe V8 4.4 GAS FI T S63  

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