CTS Turbo Intake Kit (BMW F2X M235, F3X 335i/435i, F87 M2)

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Want to open up the engine in your F30 BMW 335 or 435? CTS Turbo's intake system is the perfect option for your F30 N55. Many intakes on the market cause poor running conditions as a result of incorrect shaped MAF housings. 

Your factory MAF housing is shaped like a hexagon, when you use a circular housing in place of the hexagon bad side effects happen incorrect MAF readings, erratic idling, and downshifting (particularly noticeable on the ZF automatic-equipped cars), and last but not least POOR FUEL MILEAGE.  The reason for this is "DME" (computer) is not getting the correct airflow readings due to the incorrect shape of the MAF Housing.  How did CTS Turbo accomplish a proper intake for the N55? They developed a proprietary aluminum MAF housing in a hexagon shape.

The OEM air scoop works in conjunction with our airbox to seamlessly force cold air into our air intake system. Air then flows through their 3.5″ high flow air filter, which utilizes an inverted cone design for maximum engine breathing. CTS's ″ CNC mandrel-bent aluminum intake pipe allows for smooth entry of cold air directly into the engine, minimizing turbulence from unnecessary connections. All of the components included in the CTS air intake system work flawlessly together to provide increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band and an aggressive race-inspired sound.

NOTE: This intake can fit both Manual and Automatic transmission-equipped cars.

Peak power gains range from 10-15HP on an otherwise stock vehicle.


  • This intake is not CARB exempt and is not legal for street use in California & other states adopting CARB standards. Please check your local laws before purchasing.
Product Features

  • CTS Turbo Proprietary Aluminium OE style Hexagon shaped MAF Housing
  • Mandrel bent large bore 3.5" aluminum piping with black powder coating
  • 3.5" Reusable air filter with an inverted cone design
  • 4 Ply silicon connectors with stainless steel clamps 
  • Power Gains of 10-15 HP on stock cars

Fitment Guide

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Fitment Guide

Fitment Guide

Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2014 2016 BMW 2 Series M235i Coupe
M235i xDrive Coupe
L6 3.0 GAS FI T N55  
2015 2016 BMW 2 Series M235i Convertible
M235i xDrive Convertible
L6 3.0 GAS FI T N55  
2016 2018 BMW 2 Series M2 Coupe L6 3.0 GAS FI T N55  
2012 2015 BMW 3 Series 335i Sedan
335i xDrive Sedan
L6 3.0 GAS FI T N55  
2014 2016 BMW 3 Series 335i GT xDrive L6 3.0 GAS FI T N55  
2014 2016 BMW 4 Series 435i Coupe
435i xDrive Coupe
L6 3.0 GAS FI T N55  
2014 2016 BMW 4 Series 435i Convertible
435i xDrive Convertible
L6 3.0 GAS FI T N55  
2015 2016 BMW 4 Series 435i Gran Coupe
435i xDrive Gran Coupe
L6 3.0 GAS FI T N55  

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  • CTS TURBO N55 Motors

    Hadn’t seen anyone have any issues with this one so i purchased it! Heard it was the loudest sounding Intake so i went for it. I received package yesterday, 1 week free shipping, not bad. But quality control is terrible. Expect to sand down, or have some areas were it doesn’t exactly “Fit”. MAF housing is made of ceramic or some kind, and is clearly a mold. Mine came with an extra piece of ceramic at the entrance of the MAF sensor. Breather tube entrance was sub par as well. Otherwise, fine install. My take is that i shouldn’t be modifying a $300 part to fit my car. Intake cone is also not the same design as advertised in the CTS website. Maybe that is why this is the lowest price??

  • Amazing quality, fitment and sound!

    Although this specific example of intake is a bit pricey compared to other models, it is worth the money. Fitment was spot on and bolted right up to my already existing braces and brackets. Overall it probably took me 20 minutes to install it myself. And it didn’t throw any codes on my dash when I started it up. The sound is fantastic, while still being refined and not too crazy. Hp and torque gains are decent top end.

  • Cts intake

    Easy install sounds way better than I Expected it would u can really hear turbo spool now and bov sounds awesome !

  • CTS turbo intake kit review

    Overall a great product. Honesty love the way the intake sounds and now I can really hear the turbos spool.

    Jose zavala
  • nice intake

    love the sound it makes. shipped fast