Go Fast Bits DV+ Diverter Valve (BMW N20)

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Whether you are trying to replace your worn out factory diverter valve or improve your throttle response in your BMW N20 engine, Go Fast Bits's DV+ is the way to go.

The factory setup has a great valve however the weak point in the design is the actual mechanism itself. GFB DV+ T9357 solves this problem by replacing just the valve parts with their anodized billet aluminum housing which fits with a brass piston. 

After installing the Go Fast Bits DV+ you will experience a sharper throttle response, crazy fast valve actuation and it will hold as much boost as you can throw at your BMW.

Why GFB DV+? Other products on the market involve you swapping the whole system with the traditional pneumatic valve, which requires running longer vac hoses, adding additional parts plus either a different solenoid valve or a ballast resisteor to plug into the OEM wiring loom. All of this is not needed. 

Go Fast with less by adding the DV+ to your N20 with a part that has easy installation. 

The DV+ story: Better performance - more reliable


Many late-model European cars use ECU controlled solenoid-type diverter valves. This is a good concept because the valve can react very quickly and it only opens when it needs to.

However, there are some problems with these valves. There are typically two types of solenoid-actuated diverter valves found standard on VAG and European cars, both of which have their shortcomings.


Common OE Problem #1
The diaphragm types are commonly known to rupture, especially when boost and temperature are increased as a result of chip tuning.


Common OE Problem #2
The plastic piston-type leaks far more than most people realize (by design, not from wear), and doesn’t always close after a high-boost gear shift.

Additionally, in both cases, the solenoid on the factory diverter valve is directly connected to the valve mechanism. This setup is not ideal because neither it nor the return spring is strong enough to open and close the valve consistently at high boost.

GFB has a completely different approach to deliver a complete solution that solves existing problems and improves performance, without compromise or a hefty price tag like their competitors.

While keeping the OEM solenoid, this retains all the benefits of the stock system, and replacing the valve parts with indestructible metal components ensures strength and reliability no matter how much boost you run.

That's not all. Rather than using the solenoid to directly actuate the valve, Go Fast Bits has introduced a unique “pilot-actuation” system. This means the solenoid controls the air pressure that is used to open and close the piston, so it doesn't matter how much boost you push through it, the DV+ will open and close consistently without ever exceeding the solenoid’s capability.

This feature also improves on the factory system by opening the valve progressively in response to boost pressure, so it only opens as much as required to get the job done (the factory valve simply opens and shuts, it cannot partially open if boost pressure is low), resulting in better throttle response.

How It Works:

Product Features

  • Retains the factory solenoid coil for seamless integration
  • Replaces plastic valve parts with metal for reliability and strength on chipped engines
  • Direct-fit replacement with GFB’s TMS benefits
  • Exclusive “pilot-actuated” valve mechanism for rapid response at high boost


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fitment Guide

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Fitment Guide

Fitment Guide

Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2012 2018 BMW 3 Series 328i Sedan
320i Sedan
320i xDrive Sedan
328i xDrive Sedan
L4 2.0 GAS FI T N20  
2014 2016 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive Wagon L4 2.0 GAS FI T N20  
2014 2016 BMW 3 Series 328i GT xDrive L4 2.0 GAS FI T N20  
2014 2016 BMW 4 Series 428i Coupe
428i xDrive Coupe
L4 2.0 GAS FI T N20  
2014 2016 BMW 4 Series 428i Convertible
428i xDrive Convertible
L4 2.0 GAS FI T N20  
2015 2016 BMW 4 Series 428i Gran Coupe
428i xDrive Gran Coupe
L4 2.0 GAS FI T N20  
2012 2016 BMW 5 Series 528i Sedan
528i xDrive Sedan
L4 2.0 GAS FI T N20  

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  • nice mod

    def can feel the throttle response improve. would recommend

    adam berkholder
  • great mod

    Got this as a recommendation from a friend for my bmw. def can feel the improved throttle response. would recommend ++++

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