Integrated Engineering Throttle Body Upgrade Kit (B8 S4/S5)

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Already running a Dual Pulley setup on your Audi S4 or S5 and looking for more? The IE Ultimate Throttle Body Upgrade kit includes everything needed to remove the final power restriction with an over 20% higher flowing throttle body fully releasing the complete power potential from your factory supercharger. With matching software (free upgrade for existing Dual Pulley customers) this will result in up to 548HP!

Let Your Supercharger Breathe

IE's Ultimate Throttle Body Upgrade Kit has been engineered for existing Dual Pulley Tuned Audi 3.0T Supercharged engines. This complete bolt-on kit completely removes the removes the factory restrictive throttle body and replaces it with a much larger 80mm throttle body and cast adapter that creates a smooth transition from the air intake to the supercharger.

Your Stock Throttle Is Robbing You Of Power

Your factory-installed throttle body has a smaller inlet than the supercharger that functions perfectly fine on stock power levels. However, on higher power setups running dual pulleys, heat exchangers, higher octanes, and Stage 2 Dual Pulley ECU calibrations this small restriction becomes a major damn for airflow unable to keep up with aftermarket performance parts requesting more flow.  By increasing the size of the throttle body with our smooth transition cast-aluminum adapter the supercharger can fully breathe to its utmost capability.

IEINCG3 Flow Test

Free ECU Tune Calibration

Throttle body upgrades require matching ECU software to run and perform correctly. IE's Throttle Body ECU Tune is available as a free upgrade for all existing IE Stage 2 Dual Pulley owners. Don't already own IE Dual Pulley? The Throttle Body update is also included with all Dual Pulley tunes when purchased at no additional cost.

Operates Like Factory

Your car will be up and running in no time, by simply flashing the Throttle Body Upgrade software and plugging in the new throttle body with the included extension harness. There are no electrical trick boxes or funky harnesses to give you issues.

Size Matters

Before the design phase, engineers performed flow bench and power tests of multiple throttle body sizes to determine the best throttle body size to include in our kit. This is a delicate balance. While easier to fit, smaller throttle bodies do not completely open up the factory restriction while larger 90mm throttle bodies resulted in no extra power gains. The included 80mm throttle body offers the most power available from a size standpoint when upgrading your throttle body.

Size Is Nothing Without Flow

The larger throttle body is only one part of the equation, simply creating an adapter plate and bolting on a larger throttle body creates abrupt changes and inhibits air flow. The included IE throttle adapter is cast and CNC machined from aerospace quality aluminum creating a smooth transition from the larger throttle body to the supercharger inlet.

Flow Example

Direct Fit To IE Cold Air Intake

IE's Throttle Body Upgrade Kit includes a new air intake inlet hose that is a direct fit your IE Cold Air Intake creating a perfect transition from the intake velocity stack directly to the new 80mm throttle body. No modifications or extra adapters required!

Easy Installation

Installing your new IE Throttle Body Upgrade kit is easy and can be completed with basic hand tools typically within 1.5-2 hours for most users.

Dyno Charts

Product Features

  • Maxes out horsepower and torque on dual pulley setups
  • Includes everything needed to bolt on 80mm throttle body
  • Free tune upgrade included with IE Dual Pulley Tunes
  • Direct fit install with IE Cold Air Intakes
  • High flow CNC machined cast aluminum throttle adapter
  • Plug and play throttle body harness included

Fitment Guide

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Fitment Guide

Fitment Guide

Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2010 2016 AUDI S4 BASE
V6 3.0 GAS FI S ALL  
2010 2017 AUDI S5 BASE
V6 3.0 GAS FI S ALL  

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