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P3 Multi-Gauge (17+ A4, 18+ S4, 18+ A5/S5)

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P3 Digital gauges provide the highest level of OEM integration and color match offering more features than any other gauges in their segment. Price competitive compared to single feature old-school needle gauges, they offer an unmatched feature to price ratio. 

All gauge models include an on-the-fly configuration menu for setting units (BAR/PSI for boost, and C/F MPH/KPH for multi-gauge values), as well as feature options, and ambient calibration. See www.p3cars.com/install for more details.

Specifically designed to support the Audi B9 A4 and S4 platform. Reads boost and all data directly from the diagnostics port for fast plug and play install.

Plug and Play install
Quick plug and play install with zero cutting required. All power, ground, and data points come directly from the diagnostics port connector.
Boost/Vacuum Display
High resolution boost/vacuum via diag port for FAST install. Optionally read boost via boost tap (not included).
Multiple Gauge Displays
Boost/Vac, Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp, Throttle Plate, Speed, RPM with Shift-light, Battery voltage and more!
Peak Recall & Run Record 
Recall the peak value from any mode, or record and playback 15 seconds of data from the current mode. Temperature peaks recorded in the background.
Universal Aux Inputs
Includes additional inputs to optionally connect any 0-5v sensor with universal settings for display ranges and bargraph displays from -999 and 9999 max values.
On the Fly Configuration Menu 
Lockout/Display off mode, English(PSI, F, MPH) or Metric(BAR, C, KPH) selection, Adjustable boost display resolution, Ambient Calibration for boost sensor and more!


Optional Track Pack Software Update

"TRACK PACK" software update including AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio mode and additional performance timers.

  • 0-100 timer 
  • 60-130 timer 
  • 100-0 timer
  • 60-0 timer

Installs into your control box with a flathead screwdriver, instructions included.

Diesel Models NOT supported.

Product Features

  • Boost and Vacuum from OBD2 port (TDI NOT SUPPORTED)
  • Plug and Play install - just plug into your obd2 port and install into dash!
  • Optional analog sensor for reading boost on tuned/big turbo cars.
  • OBD2 Data for Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp*, Throttle Plate Angle, Speed, RPM with Shift-light, Battery voltage and more!
  • Optional Auto-Dim or Manual Dimmer
  • Code Read/Clear
  • 2 x universal 0-5v linear analog inputs
  • Includes Digital Display, Custom OBD2 Wire Harness, Control Box


See www.p3cars.com/install for more details.


6 month warranty

The warranty on this product covers only the product itself for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, and it will be at P3 Cars' discretion to repair or replace the affected parts. No user serviceable parts inside. Warranty will be voided if 
the product shows physical damage.

Fitment Guide

Does this fit my vehicle?
Fitment Guide

Fitment Guide

Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2017 2018 Audi A4
A4 Quattro
A4 Allroad
2018 2018 Audi A5 Quattro ALL L4 2.0 GAS FI T ALL  
2018 2018 Audi S4 ALL V6 3.0 GAS FI T ALL  
2018 2018 Audi S5 ALL V6 3.0 GAS FI T ALL  

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