Raceseng Ashiko Engraved 6 Speed Shift Knob - Brushed (B5 S4,C5 A6,MK1 TT)

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Meet Ashiko, weighing in at 735 grams! The broader cylindrical surfaces make side-arm shifting effortless while providing a domed top face for palm shifting. Paired with one of our Adapter Kits, Ashiko will fit any 6 speed manual Audi or Volkswagen with a threaded shifter arm.

Ashiko Shift Knob from Raceseng


Whether side-arm or palm shifting from the top, Ashiko's shape is purposefully designed to make both shifting styles more enjoyable. The side surface is designed to fit the natural curvature of your hand and fingers as they wrap around the shift knob as you dictate direction and movement. The domed top surface is intended to compliment palm shifting, giving you an ideal surface area for confident shifting.

Smoother Shifting!

With the weight in all the right places, Ashiko redefines your shifting experience through the look and feel of how you shift into gear. You will experience smoother and faster shifts!


Well, to put it as simply as we can, the heavier the knob, the easier it will make shifting feel. Its not magic, its physics. Weight in motion directly relates to how an object will react to an opposing force. In this case, the opposing force is the gate pattern and counter springs that are connected to your shift arm that tell you the shift pattern of your car. The difference felt when shifting into the next gear requires far less effort due to the additional momentum created by the increased mass.


    • 1.62 lbs. | 735 grams
    • 2 11/32" | 59.2 mm
    • 2 3/32" | 52.8 mm


  • 735 gram Stainless Steel Shift Knob W/ 6 Speed Pattern Engraved
  • Threaded Shifter Arm / Shift Boot Retainer - For cars with a threaded shifter arm which require our M12 x 1.5mm - Threaded Adapter Kit. The shift boot retainer is part of this kit and will allow you to zip tie your shift boot to the underside of the shift knob.


Finishing Touch:

The finishing touch on the Ashiko is our optional shift gate pattern engraving. After the Ashiko is powder coated, we put it back into our CNC machine to engrave the shift gate pattern. The stainless steel shows thru the powder coating which makes your shift gate pattern pop! The engraving below is for representation only. We will engrave the correct shift gate pattern in your shift knob

Ashiko Engraving Detail

Product Features

  • 735 gram Shift Knob
  • Threaded Adapter Kit/ Shift Boot Retainer to fit cars with threaded shifter arms
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Brushed Finish
  • Engraved with Shift Gate Pattern
  • CNC Turned
  • 10 Minute Install
  • 3 Year Warranty


3 Year Warranty

Raceseng Inc. warrants to that original retail purchaser (“Purchaser”) who holds title to the vehicle on which the parts are originally installed will, when delivered, substantially conform to the respective written Product description furnished to Purchaser. Products should be free from defects in material and workmanship (excludes cosmetics, coatings, and appearance and applies only to the function of the Product for its intended manner and purpose) within a thirty six (36) month period from the date of purchased and will perform in accordance with provided original operating instructions if properly installed, used and serviced on passenger cars. 

Should a product(s) become defective within such period, purchaser will submit a claim at their cost and return the defective Product to Raceseng with an accompanying Return Manufacturer Authorization number (RMA) and the sales receipt stating the defects and the circumstances under which the defect occurred in which case Raceseng will examine, and upon establishing Purchaser’s validity of claim, at its sole discretion repair the Product(s), exchange the Product(s), or refund the purchase price, which shall fully satisfy and discharge any and all warranty claims. Warranty related inquires should be addressed to the following address: 

Raceseng Inc.
8007 Quarry Rd.
Alburtis, PA 18011

The returned product must have the RMA# on the outside of every box received. This warranty extends only to the Product(s) installed in such vehicle model as specified for the respective Product(s) and does not extend to any Product(s) (i) which has been used or operated inconsistent with its intended use, (ii) has not been properly installed by a qualified licensed auto mechanic experienced in the installation of the Product(s), (iii) installed in a vehicle that has been used for racing or off road use only (Product(s) specifically designated for “off-road“ use may be submitted for warranty claim. 

Raceseng holds sole discretion to warranty claims on those Product(s) not to exceed the thirty six (36) month limitation above.) , (iv) which was modified or repaired by anyone other than Raceseng personnel, (v) damaged because of misuse, neglect, accident or improper installation or service, (vi) Sold or used outside the United States of America. Manufacturers and user of motor vehicles incorporating Raceseng products should at all times take necessary precautions against damage to persons or property resulting from malfunction of the products. 

The warranties set forth herein above are in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. The sale is made on the express with the understanding that there is no implied warranty that the products shall be fit for any particular purpose. The purchaser acknowledges that there are no warranties which extend beyond the description herein. In no event shall Raceseng Inc. be liable for consequential, incidental, or special damages, and damages arising out of the purchase, unloading, handling, and the use of any products, all of which are waived by purchaser. In any event, damages hereunder shall be limited to a maximum of the purchase price of the respective product. This warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights and the consumer may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. 

Fitment Guide

Does this fit my vehicle?
Fitment Guide

Fitment Guide

Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2000 2002 AUDI S4 BASE
V6 2.7 GAS FI T APB  
225hp models only. 

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