Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake & Turbo Inlets - Red Carbon Kevlar (21-23 RS6/RS7)

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This complete Intake System delivers massive gains of up to 58HP / 54LB-FT (Stage 2 93oct) made possible by optimizing airflow and alleviating restrictions present pre-compressor with the factory system, netting up to 99.8% more flow than stock. With five different finishes to choose from including; Gloss Carbon, Matte Carbon, Forged Carbon, Red Carbon Kevlar, and Blue Carbon Kevlar, combined together with modular adapter rings on the Turbo Inlets to allow for fitments with both the stock and hybrid turbos, this Intake System allows you to personalize your engine bay with a premium look to match its superior performance.


  • For 2023 RS 6 / RS 7, please add the PCV Adapter Kit for 2023+ C8 4.0TT to your order.

Unitronic Engineers carefully took all aspects into consideration and designed a complete intake system that maximizes airflow to alleviate pre-compressor airflow restrictions all within the compact frontal section of the C8 RS 6 and RS 7. EFD studies suggested uniform air velocity and air pressure profiles across the air filter entering the inlets. The bottom of the air box features a sweeping divider to help distribute air flow across the area, as it provides the same amount of air flow to each turbocharger.

The aesthetics of the air box are derived from an organic form that optimizes function. Its design allows induction to utilize the available volume to maximize performance. The two pronounced haunches featured in the top air box promote optimum airflow over the air filter's massive 400-square-inch area.

Unitronic Engineers further validated designs with their wide range of in-house development tools, equipment, and software to ensure this new Carbon Fiber Intake System flowed better and developed more power with the help of its Superflow SF-1020 Flow Bench, Maha Chassis Dynamometer, and other resources.

All of these aspects combined, result in massive gains in airflow, horsepower, and torque in tuned vehicle applications, as illustrated below utilizing our C8 RS 6 equipped with our Stage 2 ECU Performance Software, Intercooler Upgrade, and upcoming Performance Downpipes. Similar gains with the Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake System can be observed on Stage 1 and Stage 1+ Performance Software levels and is a required upgrade to achieve these levels of engine performance.

In addition to finding airflow limitations with the factory airbox, the factory turbo inlets were also identified as an airflow restriction. Therefore, Unitronic engineered its high-flow Turbo Inlets to alleviate restrictions and complete the package. Constructed of CNC-machined billet Aluminum, allowing for optimization of every facet of form and function while adding an unmatched aesthetic in the automotive world, the massive 74mm bore is larger than any other inlets on the market, and provides a smooth transition and seamless integration together with the Carbon Fiber Intake System. Unitronic’s unique modular turbo inlet adapter rings allow for compatibility with both the OEM turbochargers and the TheTurboEngineers TTE1020 hybrid turbos. Unique adapter rings for each set of turbochargers, perfectly machined to the compressor inlet diameters, allow for smooth, laminar airflow fed into the turbochargers for maximum performance. Finishing it off, as with all of the Unitronic Performance Hardware, exceptional attention to detail and fitment results in a direct bolt-on application, including factory-style connections with the lower DV tubes and PCV connections with OEM-level precision.

Product Features

• +58hp/+55lb-ft tq dyno gains (using Stage 2 93 AKI ECU software)

• 2/2 Twill prepreg carbon fiber weave

• Autoclave construction

• Massive 74mm CNC-machined Billet Aluminum Turbo Inlets and Adapter Rings

• Modular adapter rings for stock (54mm) and TheTurboEngineers TTE1020 (60mm) turbochargers

• Proprietary high-flow pleated dry cotton panel filter with a massive 400 sq. in. surface area

• Smooth-flowing EPDM couplers

• High-quality stainless steel hose clamps

• Direct bolt-on fitment with OEM mounting locations

• Proven dyno power, torque, and flow bench airflow gains


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Lifetime Warranty on Hardware & 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee on Performance Software

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Fitment Guide

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Fitment Guide
Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
2021 2022 AUDI RS6 AVANT V8 4.0 GAS FI T ALL  
2023 2023 AUDI RS6 AVANT V8 4.0 GAS FI T ALL Requires PCV Adapter Kit for 2023+ C8 4.0TT. 
2021 2022 AUDI RS7 BASE V8 4.0 GAS FI T ALL  
2023 2023 AUDI RS7 BASE V8 4.0 GAS FI T ALL Requires PCV Adapter Kit for 2023+ C8 4.0TT. 

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