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XForce Smartbox Bluetooth Exhaust Controller for Varex Mufflers

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XForce Performance Exhaust invented the acclaimed VAREX Exhaust System - it has been the most popular choice amongst enthusiasts seeking flexible control of their sound level. The VAREX exhaust system allows users to adjust the exhaust sound from stock-car-quiet to sports-car-growl with a click of a key fob button. We love our VAREX exhaust and prefer to keep it in ‘open mode’. However, there are always moments when the high-volume exhaust is less desirable.

What is the Smart Box?

Varex Smart Box is a control device with patent-pending technology that lets the user manually and automatically adjust the exhaust sound level of the Varex exhaust. Users can make changes to the settings via an elegantly designed Smartphone App. The connections between the Smart Boxes and smartphones are via the latest Bluetooth® technology, which provides an intuitive user experience.

Smart Box provides the following functions:

Manual Mode:

  • Precise manual adjustment of VAREX exhaust valve positions;
  • Custom pre-set of VAREX exhaust valve position


  • Automatic control of VAREX exhaust valve positions based on real-time information of RPM, throttle, and speed.


  • Automatic control of VAREX exhaust valve positions based on the vehicle's real-time location.

Product Features

  • SmartBox Bluetooth Exhaust Controller
  • Programmable via iOS and Android App
  • Precise Manual Control (down to 1% Valve position accuracy)
  • Automatically Controlled by RPM, Throttle Position, and Vehicle Speed
  • “One-touch exhaust drone delete” Function
  • Automatically Triggered by Geolocation


Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems: 5 Years
Universal Stainless Steel Mufflers: 2 Years
Electronic Components: 12 Months
Accessories: 12 Months

More Information Here: https://xforceusa.com/warranty-statement/

Fitment Guide

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Fitment Guide
Start Year End Year Make Model Submodel Cyl Lit Fuel FuelDel ASP EngDesg Notes
ALL ALL Audi ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL Only To Be Used With Varex Exhaust Systems 
ALL ALL Volkswagen ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL Only To Be Used With Varex Exhaust Systems 

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