Aftermarket VW MK4 Golf / GTI Shifters (99-05)

Want to speed up your shifts? Than check out our aftermarket MK4 Golf, GTI short shifters below. These shift kits will improve your Volkswagen's throw by up to 40%. Shorter throw means faster shifts which results in a faster times at the track.

Don't forget while you are at it to also upgrade your shifter bushings as over time in the MK4 these OEM bushings are known to wear and malfunction. Swapping out failing bushings to aftermarket ones will help eliminate excessive shifter play resulting in cleaner shifts in your 1999.5-2005 Golf, GTI or R32.  

Looking to continue modding your shifter than maybe head over to our aftermarket MK4 Golf/GTI shift knob section to give your shifter a style upgrade.

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