Modded Euros is pleased to announce our Project MK7 GTI. Our goal of this project was to take a mild mannered daily driver and turn it into a street tuned hatch that not only remains reliable but can keep up at the track. When it came time to modify this car, no expense was spared when looking at our product catalog and picking a wide variety of products that when combined truly transformed this VW to a new level.

Stage 1: ECU Tune, Cold Air Intake, Lowering Springs, Wheels, Multifunction Gauge, DV+

Bone stock, the 2015 GTI is a fun car but still left a lot to be desired with the stock 218 horsepower and 258lbs of torque. So for our stage 1 part of this build we added some of Unitronic's hardware and software which gave it some nice power gains. We finished this part of the build off with Neuspeed Sport springs and sat the car on some Avant Garde M510 wheels to give it a more aggressive look.


Our final power numbers of this stage of our build left the car with 288 horsepower and 306 lbs of torque which was a gain of 70hp and 48 tq. Make sure to check out the video below to see how each of our additions responded.


Don't worry we are not done there, stay tuned to our next video below where we add even more power to our GTI.

Stage 1 Gains: + 70hp / 48tq



Stage 2: ECU Tune, Downpipe, Cat Back, Intercooler and Big Brake Kit

We are back at it with Stage 2 of our Project MK7 build at Modded Euros. Not only did we step it up a notch with some more boost via a stage 2 Unitronic tune via UniConnect, we upgraded the factory intercooler with Unitronic's MQB intercooler which is a 60% improvement over stock. And to wrap this stage of the build up, we added a more aggressive growl to the exhaust with an aftermarket downpipe and catback system.


Stage 2.1:

In our first video below, we highlight the before and after audio of the Unitronic Catted MQB downpipe that not only adds some power to our car but gives it a nice aggressive growl.


Stage 2.2:

We did not stop there in this stage of our build and continued in our 2nd video below by cranking up the boost with a Unitronic Stage 2 MQB ECU flash via UniConnect and completed our exhaust modifications with an Unitronic catback making our MK7 GTI now run the full turboback setup. At the end of this stage of our build we put down 308 horsepower and 326lbs torque which is an impressive gain of 90hp and 68lbs torque over our original stock numbers.


Make sure to stay tuned for more videos as we continue our Project MK7 GTI build.

Stage 2 Gains: + 90hp / 68tq Over Baseline




Stage 3: ECU Tune, Turbo Upgrade Kit, DV+ for IS38

We're back with Stage 3 of our MK7 GTI project car series. Now that we've upgraded our intake, exhaust, intercooler, brakes and oil pan, we decided to go big with the IS38 turbo upgrade. The IS38 comes stock in the 8V Audi S3 as well as the MK7 Golf R and is a direct bolt-on for our 2015 GTI. Along with the turbo upgrade, we reflashed the car with Unitronic's stage 2+ software engineered specifically for the IS38 Turbo.


Our final power numbers for this stage left the car with 352 horsepower and 344 lbs of torque which was a total gain of 134hp and 86tq over stock. Make sure to check out the video below to see how everything turned out.

Stage 3 Gains: + 134hp / 86tq Over Baseline